I live to create and tell a story.

In the recent years of travelling, I’ve learnt to make short films of my travels and slowly it made me realise that videos help me connect to my viewers on a different scale that photography limits me. Here are some of the moments I’ve captured on my travels around the world and I hope it shows you a glimpse of what goes through my head when I experience these memories.

I started filming when I was working in [Androids in Boots].

Where I learnt the basics of how a video production works, how sound plays a part in evoking emotions and colours affect how you feel.

Then I started experimenting videography by filming moments, simple moments that I find unique to my eye and I started piecing them up, just like a puzzle.

It’s funny but I somehow find film-making & shooting on 35mm film very similar. You shoot what you see but you can’t see what you shoot. It’ll only come together once you’ve got the films scanned and developed, just like how a video comes alive after you export it into your workstation.

And thus I’ve went on this new path of making videos and it’s exciting;

not knowing what you’re going to create but you know it’s going to be good.

and the next big jump I took was in 2018 when I was contacted by Nellie to follow her on tour to Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan, where I started doing fashion videos and creating travel content with fashion elements in it.

I’m still very new when it comes to videography but I would say the coolest moment for me was when I was first approached by Becca to shoot a video in Hokkaido for YTL Hotels, featuring the adventures I’ve had with this amazing crew (Benji, Jerald, Yang, Victoria & Becca) for a 4D3N trip stay at Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan.